7 + 1 reasons why Hoteliers and Architects will be there for this year’s 100% Hotel Show!

200 selected exhibitors providing hotel solutions, 100% Hotel Design Awards, Hotel Workshops and a series of brand new actions are included in the most important event for Hoteliers & Villa Owners

100% Hotel Show 2019 returns on 15 to 18 November, in MEC Paiania, in an event that marks the entry into a new era for this institution. In its 7th edition , the Premium Show for Hoteliers and Villa Owners invites both hotel industry professionals and new audience interested in investing in the hotel market to meet top hotel solution companies that participate in the Show and be part of the free actions that involve the development of the Greek hotel industry.

 This Show is evolving into the single most important event for hotel development, and this year, apart from its recurrent actions, such as the Hotel Design Awards and Hotel Workshοps, the 100% Hotel Show features for the first time new events that will broaden the horizon of the Show audience. The "Hotel Career Day by Workathlon", the original "Hotel Architectural Lighting Experiment” by Rooms & Light Project, as well as the special segments "Hotel Construction" and "Hotel Sales" make the 100% Hotel Show more than a mere exhibition; it becomes the springboard for the development and growth of Greek hotels.

 The audience can visit the 100% Hotel Show completely free of charge, by pre-registering via this link, and participate in all Show activities, by registering for the individual sections. Hoteliers and Architects that have visited the Show in the past enjoy a membership in the 100% Hotel Show Members Club, that is accompanied by special benefits that will upgrade their visit.

200 selected exhibitors - Solutions for Hoteliers and Villa Owners

100% Hotel Show participants stand out not only for their impressive booths and installations, but also thanks to their selected hotel solutions. Both Hoteliers and Architects can meet senior executives from the participant companies, since the Show aims at helping you make High Level contacts that will result in beneficial deals.

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100% Hotel Design Awards - The first day of the Show

100% Hotel Design Awards have become the top event for Greek Hotel Design. On the first day of the 100% Hotel Show, the Award Ceremony takes place in a dedicated room, with the presence of top Hoteliers and Architects. The Award Ceremony is followed by the VIP Opening Party in the main 100% Hotel Show lounge, which is also open to the Show’s visitors.

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“Hotel Construction” segment - By the companies of the Build & Architecture section

While Hotel Development is at its peak, 100% Hotel Show exhibitors from the Hotel Build, Architecture & Design sections are preparing to present a series of dedicated solutions concerning the Construction & Refurbishment of Hotels and independent accommodations. Besides the presentation of solutions, many exhibitor booths will be turned into demos of hotel lighting proposals, offering a better visitor experience.

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Hotel Sales Segment - New trends in Hotel Digital Marketing

The special Hotel Digital & Sales segment of 100% Hotel Show has become, over the past years, the strongest Hotspot for Hotel Digital Marketing. This year, this special segment is upgraded thanks to the participation of international brands and new companies, that make a different proposal in relation to hotel sales and increase of revenue. Sales increase solutions are complemented with the 6 big Workshops, where several brands from this special segment will participate.

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6 Hotel Workshops  withtruly educational content

This year’s 100% Hotel Show Workshops focus on Hotel Sales Autonomy and Hotel Experience Design. Selected speakers will make High-Level Training Presentations, making sure that visitors will be offered substantial solutions for the growth of their hospitality business. Workshops are curated by Hotelier Academy, while entrance is free of charge; pre-registration is required.

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WebHotelier Masterclasses - The annual meeting of the top booking engine 

The well-established annual meeting of WebHotelier with Hoteliers takes a different form, seeking to become one of the most important hotel events of the year. The top booking engine will analyze statistics related to demand in Greece and will explain where real sales opportunities can be found, sharing ideas for 2020. Also, the latest updates of the company will be presented, launching new tools that will change the way hotels operate.

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Hotel Career Day - The biggest staff search event 

This new addition to the events of 100% Hotel Show is introduced in cooperation with Workathlon; the "Hotel Career Day”, one of the most prominent events for hotel staff search, is hosted in the Show. On Monday, 18 November, Hoteliers will meet job candidates for the next Season in a dedicated area in the Show, so as to promptly prepare for the new year.

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Rooms & Light Project: Demos of Hotel Architectural Lighting

The entrance of this year’s 100% Hotel Show will feature for the first time globally an "Original Hotel Architectural Lighting Experiment", which is expected to stir up interest and impress the Show visitors. Visitors will walk through 3 identical hotel rooms, where Light will be the only element to differentiate their experience, thus proving that lighting and experience design can contribute decisively in the guest experience. The rooms will be curated by 3 distinguished Lighting Designers, while the project itself is curated by a special team of Architects, Concept Makers and Lighting Experts.

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Hoteliers are 100% Hotel Show's  main visitor group. In addition to the innovating solutions for the design, construction and decoration sectors, hoteliers will have the opportunity of meeting new proposals for the online development of the hotel, from the strategic brand identity development to the digitalization and web distribution services. An important aspect of visiting the fair is the support of Network Development between the visitors themselves, as well as with special guests such as Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Media. The overall structure of the exhibition has been carefully designed for providing navigation within the course of Hotel Product development, demonstrating the high expertise of the fair in the hotel industry.


Οι Suppliers είναι μια από τις πιο σημαντικές κατηγορίες επισκεπτών του 100% Hotel Show, που, με τη σωστή προώθηση του προϊόντος που προσφέρουν, θα μπορούσαν να κερδίσουν μακροχρόνιες και κερδοφόρες συνεργασίες, τόσο με ξενοδοχεία όσο και με εταιρείες design και αρχιτεκτονικής. Επιπλέον, το 100% Hotel Show, θα μπορούσε να γίνει σημείο έμπνευσης και καινοτομίας για τους προμηθευτές, καθώς και μια πολύ καλή πηγή πληροφοριών και κατανόησης των καινούριων τάσεων στον ξενοδοχειακό κλάδο, για μια πιο στοχευμένη και επιτυχημένη τεχνική marketing. Τέλος, μέσω της επίσκεψής τους στην έκθεση, οι Suppliers/Προμηθευτές θα μπορούσαν να αποφασίσουν αν αρμόζουν στη λογική του 100% Hotel Show, για μια πιθανή συμμετοχή τους στο μέλλον. 

Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Companies

Professionals from the Architecture and Architectural lighting sector, as well as Interior Designers and Decorators, are a very important visiting category of 100% Hotel Show. The main industry of Greece is undoubtedly Tourism, and the construction sector is directly involved in this field. Construction companies and professionals will have the opportunity of developing the range of their services regarding Hotel construction, while meeting a series of innovating products, materials and services for the Hotel product. Also, the development of Networking among the fair visitors at the designated areas will give the opportunity to tourism professionals to have a direct communication with Constructors, leading to excellent collaboration opportunities.


Journalists and Media from all sectors are warmly welcome in 100% Hotel Show. 100% Hotel Show offers the right structure and environment within the specially designed Media Corner, where the hotelier visitors and tourism professionals will have the opportunity of discussing collaboration possibilities with Media visitors.

Tour Operators / Travel Agents

A very important part of 100% Hotel Show is the online development, a sector which is vital for Travel Agents & Tour Operators. Hosting some of the most important Web Development companies, 100% Hotel Show will focus on solutions for tourism professionals of the sectors of Agency and Operating. Travel Agents & Tour Operators are a Premium visitor category, to whom special tools and development channels with the participating hoteliers will be given, forming and developing the Networking & Business Development character of the event. 

Financial Consultants

100% Hotel Show is expected to become a reference point for one of the most important professions of our time, business consultants. In a general environment that supports Visitors Networking, 100% Hotel Show provides a rich information background as well as collaboration opportunities for business consultants visitors.


100% Hotel Show will be a very interesting event for rising investors who are considering of expanding in the tourism industry. The foundation of the event is a specialized ‘seminar’ about Hotel Product development, giving the opportunity to investors for being informed about all development steps. They are also able to focus on comparative advantages, transforming their venture into the most profitable investment possible.

New Professionals

100% Hotel Show aims to become the source of inspiration and new ideas for new professionals as well as investors who are looking to enter the tourism and hotel industries. Like all Premium Trade Shows, 100% Hotel Show will focus on innovation as well as high expertise.

Professionals of General Business

Every professional is welcome to visit the 100% Hotel Show, as the exhibition brings together a wide range of businesses, but always in relation to the hotel industry. 100% Hotel Show can easily become the benchmark for any type of professional who wants to make market research on the new trends and innovations of hotel design, as the Digital Square section opens new perspectives for collaborating with companies that specialize in digital sector. Finally, 100% Hotel Show could also be seen as a direct communication solution, as it gives access to very important companies, with which, most of the time, it is difficult to communicate directly.



Students from all departments and Universities are welcome in 100% Hotel Show, as they form the future of the country in all aspects. Especially in the construction sector, the new generation is the one introducing innovations and, in collaboration with the older professionals’ experience, provide the most effective solutions to business issues. In 100% Hotel Show, students will be given the possibility of expanding their professional horizons as well as discovering new career opportunities.

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