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This is why the 100% Hotel Design Awards are the most important Hotel Awards in Greece!   |  Eleni Sfikaki

This is why the 100% Hotel Design Awards are the most important Hotel Awards in Greece!

Read how in just 5 events, the 100% Hotel Design Awards managed to be the top hotel competition and one of the most important Design institutions in Greece

Design in Hotels is undoubtedly one of the most important features that influence the final decision of travelers, and certainly one of the elements that play a key role in the identity and general experience of an accommodation. Especially in Greece, hoteliers place special emphasis on Design and, in collaboration with talented architects, they both turned it into a dynamic comparative advantage of Greek Hotel Products, classifying the Greek Hotels and making them equal among the most elegant ones, globally. 

Given the above, the 100% Hotel Design Awards of the 100% Hotel Show were developed as a rising hotel awarding institution, which has been established in just five competitions and has managed to gain the public trust. Examining Design from all of its aspects, such as originality, aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics, this dynamic institution managed to showcase some of the best hotels in Greece. It is also worth mentioning that even the non-awarded participants declare themselves truly satisfied with the results, as they had the opportunity to take part in a meritocratic contest where the winners really stand out and distinguish themselves, not in another event in which all entries win at least one prize.

But which are the characteristics that make 100% Hotel Design Awards the most important hotel awarding institution in Greece? Knowing the organization from inside, we will try to identify and analyze them, but we also want to look at how hotels benefit through this competition, both by their possible distinction and by their own participation.



The entries for the 100% Hotel Design Awards have already begun. You can see the categories and register for: 

  • Best Resort
  • Best City Style Hotel
  • Best Villa
  • Best Luxury Apartment
  • Best Lobby / Foyer / Reception
  • Best Surrounding Area
  • Best All Day Restaurant
  • Best Wellness Center
  • Best Room & Bathroom

In addition, there will be three Special Awards:

  • Special Boutique Hotel Award*
  • Special prize for unplanned work 
  • Special Audience Award

*In this particular category only hotels that are certified with the Boutique Hotel brand name of the Hellenic Chambers of Hotels or have submitted a certification application, which is currently under evaluation, can apply.

You can read the relevant information about the Terms and Conditions on this link. For more information, click here or call at 210/9408714.


1. The Participation and Distinction in the 100% Hotel Design Awards are both a major advantage for a hotel’s sales. 

As it was mentioned above, a Hotel’s Design is a selection criteria for travelers - much more when it is recognized by an official agency. The 100% Hotel Design Awards, by having a dynamic international promotion plan, are now gaining increased credibility, enhancing the dynamics of hotels participating in them. In order to ensure a high level of participation, the 100% of the Hotel Design Awards provide special participation/award signs both in the distinguished hotels and those selected in the final shortlist, enhancing the image of the accommodation to travelers and travel agents. 

See last year’s participation/award signs: 


2. There is strictly objective assessment by the carefully selected Jury, with the result being generally accepted by the public

Each year, the 100% Hotel Design Awards Jury’s theme, is something that the organizing team of the institution is particularly concerned about. As the evaluation process requires a particularly high level of knowledge and experience, the group chosen at any time is distinguished by its experience in the industry and the work it has presented. The process followed by the organizing team is particularly rigorous in order to achieve the best possible result and to distinguish objectively the best hotel projects of the year. It is a fact that every year the results of the 100% Hotel Design Awards receive the universal acceptance of the public, since the winning entries really stand out for their high level, confirming the important work of the committee.

The Jury consists of executives from the field of Architecture, Design and Tourism, as well as representatives of the Institutional Sector and their Media, both from Greece and abroad.

See the Jury Members of last year's contest: 


‣ - Search in the Past Events of the 100% Hotel Design Awards the Members of the Jury of all the previous events: 2015 (a) | 2015 (b)|2016 | 2017

3.  The audience plays a huge role for the Awards, as it has its own award category, expanding the B2C promotion of the participants

In addition to the Jury’s awards, 100% Hotel Design Awards also host the Special Audience Award, where visitors of the exhibition choose their favorite projects. Through the special unity at www.hotelshow.gr, the audience can vote throughout the promotional period of the event, taking an active part in the event. As a result of the process, the participating hotels receive significant projection, increasing their online awareness to a high-quality audience. The final result, however, is judged during the exhibition, as the audience can vote in the specially designed room at the entrance of the 100% Hotel Show, where all the projects will be presented in detail, thus coming in direct contact with over 30,000 visitors.

See the pictures of the 100% Hotel Design Awards Specially designed room, in the 100% Hotel Show 2018: 


4. All participations receive significant projection, both during the competition and at the award ceremony

The 100% Hotel Design Awards have one of the most dynamic promotion plans, which includes important actions both before and after the event. With the Audience Award inviting people to vote online, all final entries are promoted, globally and individually, through all of 100% Hotel Show communication channels, such as Newsletters, Social Media, as well as collaborative tourist and architectural tools. On the day of the Award Ceremony, in the 100% Hotel Design Awards room , all participants are fully presented  in the competition, with a dynamic view of the VIP guests of the evening and all projects are promoted at the entrance of the exhibition through special presentations. Finally, the winners are promoted with special content after the end of the award, enhancing their awareness in the tourist market.

Watch the video below, with all of last year’s participants: 

5. The winners of the competition enjoy a very dynamic promotion plan, while the prize is accompanied by high value benefits

As it is known, the 100% Hotel Design Awards Winners receive a special promotion plan, especially online, which distinguishes the hotels for their high quality Design and functionality. But apart from the Online Promotion, the 100% Hotel Design Awards winners are also featured in the 100% Hotel Annual Review, the luxury version of the 100% Hotel Show, which makes a last year review and records the most important developments in the hotel industry, ensuring the notification of major tourism executives receiving the form. The winners of 2018 were given an international prize for the first time since the distinguished accommodations had the opportunity to take part in a fascinating trip to Milan and Lake Orta during which they visited the central production facility of the luxury house Fantini Rubinetti , as well as the offices of the world-class Architectural Studio, “Studio Lissoni”. 

See the images below, from the winner’s trip to Italy 




The 100% Hotel Design Awards is definitely an institution that has come to stay, revealing for the first time its intention to expand outside of the Greek borders. This year, for the first time, we will meet participants from Cyprus, and we are also considering the cooperation with hotels in Europe that are interested in participating in 100% Hotel Show.

Download the official proclamation of the 100% Hotel Design Awards

Watch in this video last year's Award Ceremony


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