Submission of projects from Greece & Cyprus underway, for the most important Hotel Design Contest!


100% Hotel Show announces the opening of participation submissions to the 4th Hotel Design Awards and the extracurricular program of the Greek Hotel Design in the international tourist market. The "Hotel Design Awards" competition, organized by 100% Hotel Show with the strategic partnership of Archisearch.gr and its team, is now the most dynamic institution for the Greek Hotel Design, and aims to:

  • Highlight the key role that good planning can play in creating and renovating hotels, through evaluating and viewing a recently implemented project.
  • Present new trends in hotel architectural design and reward the practices that create competitive hotels and contribute to the development of Greek tourism.

In the framework of the competition, Architects and Designers have the opportunity to present their work to the most dynamic professionals in the tourism sector: Hoteliers, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Media, Construction Companies, Financial Consultants, Marketing Managers and other area specialists.


After three successful competitions, and with major hotels and architects being awarded, Hotel Design Awards by 100% Hotel Show contribute dynamically to the extroversion of Greek hotel design, presenting a program for the promotion of winners internationally. With a series of concerted actions, winners will be promoted to international markets through exhibitions as well as online campaigns, highlighting both award-winning hotels as well as contributors such as architects and companies. The 100% Hotel Show team strongly believes that both Greek hotels and Greek companies are among the top professionals in the field, and promotes, with in this context, the development of collaborations at an international level through a dynamic communication plan that will be announced soon.



The Hotel Design Awards, reward annually the winning hotels in the below 8 categories:

  • Best City Hotel
  • Best Holiday Hotel
  • Best Room & Bathroom
  • Best Spa
  • Best All-Day Restaurant
  • Best Hotel Lighting
  • Best Lobby / Foyer / Reception
  • Best Landscape

In addition, three Special Awards are awarded:

  • Special jury prize for the highest overall rating.
  • Special prize for unrealized work.
  • Audience Award.


In the 4th competition of Hotel Design Awards 2017, eligible to participate, are:

  • Architects / Architectural Offices from Greece and Cyprus, for projects that they have been created all over the world, which were implemented (or the research has been conducted for not implemented ones) during the last 5 years, and have not participated in the contest in the previous years.
  • Projects in Greece and Cyprus that have been created (or, the research has been conducted for not implemented ones) by architects/architectural offices from all over the world.

Important Clarification: Whoever is related to the project (Architects, Designers, Hoteliers, Operators, Investors-Developers) can submit a participation. In any case, it is recommended for the architect or designer of the project to curate the participation.



The 4th Hotel Design Awards 2017 contest includes the following stages (in terms of time and action):

  1. During the first stage, the stakeholders (Architects, Designers, Owners of hotels, Operators, Investors-Developers) should send to the contest’s organizing committee their application package. There is no limit to the number of applications from each participant. The first stage leads to a short-list selection.
  2. The second stage includes a closed jury meeting at a reasonable time before the 100% Hotel Show and selection of prizes among short listed selected projects. The awards will be announced and awarded at a high-level ceremony, to be held on 15 November 2017, in a similarly prestigious venue, which will be announced shortly.
  3. The projects that will be selected in the shortlist will be presented on signs during the 100% Hotel Show fair, which will take place on 17-20 November 2017, at MEC Peania. The visitors of the fair will have the chance to vote for their favourite participation, which will win the audience award. The announcement of the project that won the audience award will be made after the fair.


  • Participation & material submission deadline: 31 July 2017
  • Entry rating: 15 September 2017
  • Announcement of shortlisted applications: 29 September 2017
  • Audience vote: 17-20 November 2017
  • Shortlisted exhibition: 17- 20 November, during the 100% Hotel Show 2017 Exhibition
  • Award Ceremony: November 15, 2017


  • For participation in up to 2 prize categories: € 248.00 per participation (€ 200.00 + 24% VAT).
  • For participation in 3 to 4 prize categories: € 310.00 per participation (€ 250.00 + 24% VAT).
  • For participation in 5 to 6 prize categories: € 372.00 per participation (€ 300.00 + 24% VAT).
  • For participation in more than 6 prize categories: € 434.00 per participation (€ 350.00 + 24% VAT).


The submitted folder for each project must include:

  1. Up to 10 characteristic photos of the project. These should indicate in any case:
    1. The general picture.
    2. A characteristic room.
    3. A typical bathroom.
    4. The lobby / foyer / reception
    5. Restaurant / bar (if applicable).
    6. Spa (if applicable)
    7. Landscape interventions (if applicable)
    8. Lighting details (if applicable)
    9. Two additional photos of the participants' choice, or characteristic drawings.
  2. Technical description of a page - in word and pdf format, describing in 500 words the characteristics of the hotel, the time of study and completion, the cost of implementation, the developer of the project, the suppliers of hotel equipment (furniture, lighting, etc.).
  3. Contact details of the architectural office.
  4. Proof of payment for participation in the competition.
  5. Participant's tax information.
The envelope can be submitted digitally by e-mail / dropbox link / wetransfer.com [info@hotelshow.gr], until 31/07/2017, with the subject HOTEL DESIGN AWARDS | HOTEL NAME | ARCHITECT NAME.
Entry fee per case according to the number of categories, based on a table above, payable to DEMAND MEPE (Account No: NATIONAL BANK 076 / 470782-65 IBAN: GR71 0110 0760 0000 0764 7078 265 SWIFT-BIC ETHNGRAA)


Any office or participant can enter the competition with an unlimited number of projects, provided they meet the criteria. Each project can participate in more than one category.



The electronic magazine ARCHISEARCH.gr, participates for the fourth year with its specialised know-how, as a Strategic Partner, taking care of final shape of the event. ARCHISEARCH.gr is represented at this year's event by Vasilis Bartzokas, editor of the electronic magazine ARCHISEARCH.gr and founder of the communication company DESIGNEMBASSADOR.COM and Stavros Martinos, ARCHISEARCH.gr Editor-in-Chief, Architect History and Director of the ARKKI (School of Architecture And young people developed in Greece by DESIGNEMBASSADOR.COM and AKTO). Hotel Design Awards 2017 jury will be determined soon. It will be composed of personalities of the Architecture, Design, and Tourism sectors, as well as by representatives of institutional organizations and media of those fields, from Greece and abroad. The jury members will change every year. A jury member who has been a member in the last four years, cannot be selected. The Jury members will be selected by DEMAND Ltd, organizer of 100% Hotel Show, in cooperation with the Advisory Committee. The names of the jury will be announced at the end of the submission of entries.


The evaluation criteria are not based only on good and creative design but also in commercial success. Regardless of how impressive is a project in terms of aesthetics or design, the jury will examine how each winning project responds to the customer needs. The jury will be looking for entries which seek strict and structured design, demonstrating reasonable use of the project budget in order to contribute to the "experience" of the visitors and participate in the creation of a "theatrical scene." The submitted material should clearly demonstrate why this project deserves to be selected for an award and how design has helped the project to reach an awarding level. 


  • Comparison between the initial information and the final solution
  • Evidence of an innovative approach with clever use of space and materials.
  • Sensitivity to operational issues, as well as requirements on cultural heritage and urban design, sustainability and the environment.
  • Personalization and design innovation and how they enhance the visitors’ experience.
  • The successful resolve of budget issues, construction and timetables.
  • Issues of comfort, practicality, durability and ease of use.
  • Compelling facts and figures.
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