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obqo Branding Agency

obqo Branding Agency




We believe in innovative brand strategies that will take your business further. We believe in interactive stories and engaging experiences that will put your brand on the map. We believe in making your vision, our vision.

We create insightful concepts based on data and real personas, adding, this way,"voice" to your brand in the real & digital world. We create out-of-the-box projects, taking always into account the unique identity, virtues and characteristics of each brand.

We do all these, thanks to our expertise in the design and communication industry, our passion for web development, but most of all, our love for the creative stuff. So, while we enjoy what we do, you enjoy an integrated experience of exclusive online & offline services.

Need we say more?
You need more than just a good design. Whether you come to us for the shortest project, or a holistic brand strategy, we can give you exactly what you need.

It’s all a matter of process. With steady steps, we develop your brand’s presence in the real & digital world. Its philosophy is presented by our most gifted storytellers, its visual identity unravels through state-of-the-art design and all its challenges are faced with insightful data.

We know that your business is like a beating heart: Always vigilant and able to change its “pulse” in order to fulfill its needs. We can hear that pulse. And we adapt to it, supporting your goals and vision until the optimum result, never leaving your side.


  • Branding

    Branding is your power to the audience’s mind. It encapsulates your vision, objectives and values. In fact, it’s the statement of your brand’s soul, expressed by an image. Branding “flows” throughout every aspect of your brand, building its presence and forming a community of loyal customers.

    That’s why at obqo, we create the "voice" of your brand, with stunning graphic & web design and groundbreaking brand strategy.

  • User Experience / Web Design

    Your website is your home. And when someone steps inside, you want them to feel comfortable and experience every aspect of it. In obqo, we know that users need to find the home of your products and services, easy and appealing.

    That’s why, we are always creating new paths to improve your website’s usability, so that your home is haven that everybody loves to explore.

  • Web Development

    Our developers are always ready to respond to every client’s separate needs making sure that the digital mirror of your services is set to be conveniently updated and compatible with every software or device. In a time where everything evolves and moves fast, obqo promises that your brand will only benefit from the endless opportunities hidden on the web. Don’t be afraid of web codes. In any minute, you will have your own.

  • Concept Creation

    If your branding is the key to loyal customers, your Communication Strategy is the way to reach them. Even though your potential clients have been reducing their attention spans, due to the huge exposure to information in the digital world, we got you covered. A cross-functional team, including marketing & communication experts, is our secret to your peace of mind.


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