The 100% Hotel Show Concept

Presenting the concept of the most exclusive tourism fair in Greece, 100% Hotel Show


The 100% Hotel Show is the premium exhibition event for Hoteliers, Villa Owners, Tourism Professionals, but also Architects and Designers who undertake Hotel Projects.

Exhibitors Profile

  • Architecture & Development
  • Build & Renovation Solutions (Materials-Services)
  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • Furniture – Textiles - Housekeeping
  • Hotel Decoration
  • Hotel Services & Technology
  • Digital & Sales
  • Wellness & Operation
  • Food & Serve

Exhibitor selection

The 100% Hotel Show is undoubtedly the Premium Show for Hoteliers, Villa Owners, Architects, etc. and final mix of exhibitors should reflect this. This means that each exhibitor must satisfy certain criteria, such as quality, product originality, innovation and stylish design.

Aiming at the upgrade of the overall Show experience and the more efficient participation of companies, the 100% Hotel Show has implemented a new system to look for, assess and organize the participation of interested companies. 

To this end, the dedicated Exhibitors Department:

Selects new highly promising products and services from companies that have already participated in the Show, while scouting for new companies offering hotel solutions.

 1.  Prepares a brief regarding each company’s participation concept, always in accordance with the Hoteliers’ wishes; 
2. Reviews the draft stands, offering advice that will improve the expected outcomes;
3. Develops an individualized communication plan for each company, in order to inform the Show’s audience on the company's participation.

The aim is to make the 100% Hotel Show the one and only point of reference for new ideas in the hotel industry and, at the same time, boost the commercial potential of the exhibitors. 

 Visitors Profile

  • Hoteliers
  • Villa Owners
  • Architects
  • Decorators
  • Construction companies
  • Tour Operators / Travel Agents
  • Consultants to companies
  • Investors
  • Young Professionals of the Hotel industry
  • Professionals of General Specialty
  • Suppliers
  • Students

Hotelier Workshops 

The Hotelier Workshops of the 100% Hotel Show are the top event of the event, gathering thousands of high quality visitors, who receive advice and know-how from the top professionals in the industry. The speakers at Hotelier Workshops come from well-known companies, and their main goal is to impart knowledge and advice, increasing the influence of the Event.

Hotelier Workshops present advanced themes, which ensures substantial know-how to the visitors who attend them. For the needs of the workshops, a specially designed room is set up, with the reference center the modern and imposing Workshop Stage, where the relevant presentations and speeches take place.

10th Annual Event

Having welcomed more than 163,000 visitors in the previous 9 events, the 100% Hotel Show celebrates its 10th edition not by merely organizing an anniversary event but by presenting a new original trade show model which will aim not only at providing information, but also offering product and service experiences to the visitors. As a result, the hotel trade show experience is further evolving to redefine business relations between companies and hoteliers

Highlights of 100% Hotel Show 2022

Architect Zone: Architects become a main part of the Show, as they now participate as exhibitors with specially designed stand formats but also real-life proposals for hotel areas.

Cutting Edge Materials: Dedicated sections will be found throughout the Show with cutting edge materials and products related to hotel construction and design

Installations: Companies can now participate through dedicated installations that showcase their solutions more originally and creatively

 Art & Design Gallery: A new hall will be set up, where curated Art & Design proposals for hotels will be presented with a view to enhance the experience and the overall image of luxurious accommodations and villas.

100% Proposals: For the first time, the Show will scout for new companies and solutions regarding hotel construction and development and present them in original ways.


Space rearrangement: The effect of the space rearrangement of the Show is impressive, with many open stands (3-sided stands and islands), upgrading the overall Show which is expected to be met with great success. All corridors will be wider, while there will be two, instead of three, main corridors, opening up more space for more impressive stand concepts. At the same time, this new arrangement ensures that all visitors will see all exhibitors, while each segment features special zones with new design to facilitate the participation of small, yet conceptual, stands. Moreover, each segment is turned into an actual lab in which ideas and solutions will be tried out, allowing new investors in the hotel market, architects and hoteliers to see and try out the new proposals that can be immediately implemented in their projects, and conclude fruitful partnerships. 

New Event Space: Since the 100% Hotel Design Awards and the 100% Hotel Workshops are now a main pillar of the event, the dedicated Event Room moves to the last section of the Show. Both the Award Ceremony and the Workshops, which will be in the form of 1-day conferences dedicated to specific hotel industry topics, will be hosted in this new Event Room. Apart from the stage and the sitting area, the new space will be designed so as to host parallel networking events at the end of each day.

Experience: Since tourism professionals are now largely informed through digital channels, the 100% Hotel Show has decided to focus on organizing an experiential Show. Through carefully elaborated participation formats, companies are given the opportunity not only to provide information on their offered products and solutions but also present them in a more hands-on and creative manner, ensuring thus greater interaction with the Show’s audience.  

New Proposals:By focusing on bringing forward new companies and solutions, the Show aims at the enhanced promotion of new proposals that will provide alternative solutions for both hoteliers and architects. At the same time, this helps them expand their network of partners, serving the ultimate goal of further developing their hotel product and provide better services to meet the ever increasing demand.

Appeal to a wider audience: As the Show has established a steady relationship with the Premium segment of the hotel market, a series of parallel actions will take place in the framework of the Show once again this year. Their aim is to attract more visitors from dynamic audiences, such as architects and young investors, smaller or bigger ones, but also more hotel executives, who more often than not are the people who make the purchasing decisions.

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