Sali Boutique Hotel

Contact Person: Xrysa Argirakaki

Company: Sali Boutique Hotel - Argyrakaki Tsolakis & SIA OE

Photographer: Konstantinos Ordompouzanis, Konstantinos Mpikos, Alexandros Parotidis

Website: https://www.sali.gr/

Email: info@sali.gr

Phone: 25510/25000, 6936/793557

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Boutique Reality Experience Also Traditional History Interest Nature Gastronomy

The hotel is located on a property 352.41 m2 in the heart of the town, within its urban planning project.

There was an old Female Boarding School inside the block, which is closed the last 15 years. The main building consists of an old, two storey and neoclassical structure, built from the very early of the 19th century. Precisely, a 3rd storey was added on 1975, in order to fulfill the whole building. Moreover, buildings were installed for auxiliary use, outside to the uncovered area.

A part of its external sections and for 4 meters depth has been identified as a listed building of important architectural value.

This Female School changed to a small 10-room Boutique Hotel along with its restaurant, a workshop and even its art and shopping gallery.

The name of Sali comes from the ancient Egnatia highway of this territory –The Heading of Xerxes (480BC) Herodotus. Αlexandroupolis was the center of Embassies and our building was organizing events and night happenings. It is our duty to give breath to this property recalling the essence of this age through the wallpapers, the furniture, the lightning, the tableware, the linen, bed made by green tea leaves etc.

Every room has its own individuality by its own colours, furniture, decoration and its special odor.

On the ground floor are established 2 suites. Outside their entrances there is a small photography exhibition of two national parks, which are the Evros Delta and the Dadia Forest. The first suite is decorated with a sea taste and the second with the forest embrace equipped with hot tub, sauna and a private courtyard. The materials which have been used, are a bed made by olive tree wood, nightstands decorated by fish scales, a mirror like a mermaids’ tail, recycling bins, boat rope, chandeliers by rock salt and hot tub, while at the other suite with the private sauna, the bed is made by beech wood, the nightstands made by natural wood, natural moss, etc.

Next, on the first floor, the rooms are  given name and character of Faith, Joy, Hope and Life. About the second floor, it is inspired and designed by the traditional gastronomic products of Thrace, such as Olive Oil, Wine, Mushroom and Cocoon. Furthermore, since the property was not spacious, the tableware that has been used was different for every meal during the day, giving the guest the opportunity to revive a special experience every time.

Sali’s breakfast is full of fresh hand-made regional products of high quality. The guest has the opportunity to dine at the hall at the open court, privé at the cellar, he can wander to the Art Gallery and even participate at the art workshops.

The procedure of the reception takes part at a special homely decorated living room with treats of spoon sweet and warm towels soaked in lavender.

The operations which took part related to the external appearance of the building, without distorting the existing colours and the decorative elements. There is a window and a balustrade replacement respecting the building character and also a planting operation to every uncovered area. In the surrounding area is established paved with cobblestones among with some plants that have been added to the private courtyard. The tunnel connecting the building with the backyard, represents a railroad line, reaching a beautiful court all around painted with representations of neoclassical mansions that have been preserved in the city.

  • Study & Interior Design: Gilakis Xristos, GC Gold Creation Argirakaki Chrysa
  • Study and completion time: 2018-2019
  • Implementation cost: 550,000.00 €
  • Manufacturer: Argyrakaki & Co. OE
  • Civil Engineer: Christos Gilakis
  • Graphic Designer: Anna Chioti
  • Digital Consultant-Digital Specialist: Andreas Boglou
  • Website Construction: Gnomi

Hotel Equipment Suppliers:

Furniture-Decorative: IN ART Konstantinidou S.A.
Bathroom items: KARAG 

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