Contact Person: Argyri Chalkia

Company: Argyri Chalkia – ΟΙΚΙΖΟ: Dimitros & ASSOCIATES

Photographer: Anima Vision

Website: http://www.oikizo.gr

Email: argyrichalk@gmail.com

Phone: +30 6932 245 595

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It is about an idea that was inspired by the first touch in the rocky area, by the first interaction with the endless sea and the glamour of the sunset. Thus, it is developed based on the characteristics of this unique area: the heel, the peninsula, the magnificent rocky ground, the endless sea, the horizon, the view. The natural elements of the area were studied to their extent, in order to interact dynamically with the location and the morphology of the building and the materials that have been used for the construction. The main purpose wasn't the building to be lost in the landscape, nor to enforce the building in the wild area, but to interact in an exchange of quality while the building will coexist with the environment and transform accordingly and constantly. These will happen while the natural elements will gradually be a part of this design without interfering with each other but by embracing it's spaces, completing the atmosphere of every corner of this building in a way that they will be only noticeable by the main judge, the user. This was the greatest challenge, the user to get lost in this game of communication of the building with its environment.

The cottage consists of two buildings, a two-floor apartment and one ground floor that follow the morphology of the heel which is located behind it. Two curvy walls in the shape of a wedge embracing the main entrance of the building introduce the user to a lower courtyard with a unique exit point towards the sunset during the summer. The main purpose is that during his entrance, the visitor will concentrate his eight sight on the horizon and the sea view, where the 10,00 meters length glass wall covers the view of the gulf. Thus, the interior space creates the illusion that it extends to the outdoors pool (which is 22,00 metes long) and it looks like the element of the sea is part of the living room. In the main building, which has 2 floors, there is the living room, the kitchen and a WC, while the spa area and the gym are located in the basement. You get access to the first floor by a metallic staircase which consists of a system of vertical and horizontal surfaces. Upstairs, there is a spacious master bedroom with its own bathroom and an outdoor jacuzzi which is an extension of the roof garden. Two more bedrooms are located at the nearby second building, on the ground floor, which has its own privacy.

The whole idea of this complexion ends up in the ambition to transform a complex of internal and external areas, which, through the ground floor, will conserve the material, the expression and the hard touch of the rock, while at the level of the first floor, it will be created the feeling of clarity, reflection and the visibility of the horizon, leaving an aerial sense, its main characteristic. Following this direction, the walls of the ground floor are made of stones, which remind us of the shades and the hardness of the local rocks, while internally in few spots, the lighting and the material of the walls by cement in earthy colours embrace the sense of the ground. Simultaneously, the white colours that were used for the floor and the walls in combination with the extended glass surface create the feeling of getting lost in the simplicity of the horizon.

The study of the project was prepared in the period November 2018 - March 2019, while the construction the period May 2019 - July 2020. The supervision was done by the architect of the project, Argyri Chalkia and the civil engineer, Dimitris Dimitros.

Hotel Equipment Suppliers:

Tiles: AMANATIADIS idea bagno
Cement materials: Novamix Advanced Building Materials 
Metal constructions: Kotsioudi Bros, Chalkias Athanasios 
Wooden furniture: Lefteris Arvanitis, Manazis Bros, ELECTRA Furtniture, Design Plus 
Lighting: Μegawatt- Nazos, Luminart-Antoniadis Landscape: Nouskas Landscapes
WINDOWS & DOORS: Babiatsis Christos-ELVIAL S.A.
Glass stuctures: Ribas Glass, Polos Christos
Swimming Pool: Acqua Tech
Lighting: Μegawatt- Nazos, Luminart-Antoniadis
Landscape: Nouskas Landscapes

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