The Pinnacle Athens

Contact Person: Fragiskos Papasifakis

Company: The Pinnacle Athens

Photographer: Thomas Gerasopoulos

Website: https://thepinnacleathens.com/

Email: papasifakisp@thepinnacleathens.com

Phone: 2103210028 / 6944442541

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Designed in the 70s by the prominent architect Varagis in the style of Athenian Modernism, is the tallest building at the Commercial Triangle, with a unique façade covered with more than 3500 metallic tiles, resembling a mini New York style skyscraper.

It operated as one of the first shopping malls in Athens under the brand name “Mauros”, a true landmark in the neighborhood mainly due to its height and architecture, and harmoniously coexisted with traditional and neoclassical buildings of the Triangle.

Abandoned due to the economic crisis and at the end left idle, closed and unwanted for more than 10 years.

An ambitious project of the construction company Conous constructions, that lasted 8 months with an investment cost of 2,000,000 million euros, came to breathe new life into this historic building, preserving its architecture but at the same time creating something fresh in the style of Urban Eclecticism. It is characteristic that in the whole building there were no windows, so after the relevant permission of the Architectural Committee, large windows of the building were opened vertically so that the visitor could enjoy the urban landscape!

The Conous Creative Team led by Stylianos Konstantinidis and interior designer Fragiskos Papasifakis aimed to transform the abandoned mall into a luxurious, elegant suite complex with a unique character, that will give visitors from all over the world the opportunity to enjoy of an Athenian Skyscraper in the heart of Athens with 16 unique, spacious and fully equipped suites from 40 to 65 square meters, where the elegance of the classic marries with the freshness of the modern.

Every Suite has a living room, a decorative fireplace, a dining area, one or two master bedrooms, office and boudoir, while the big floor-to-ceiling windows allow the visitor to enjoy the Athenian light and an unobstructed urban view. 

Bespoke lighting by EGLO with gold and silver details, velvet curtains from Italy, wood floors and vintage wallpapers by Bloomsbury, compose a scenery of comfort and urban luxury. English teapots, porcelain plates, toile de jouy fabrics, old keys and hats along with many paintings and gravures, were chosen one by one by antique shops and bazaars to give a familiar and welcoming character in every suite.

In the spirit of eclecticism and uniqueness, the public areas of The Pinnacle are graced by a selection of more than 400 carefully selected Artworks. The main staircases of the 10-floor building are full of paintings, modern and traditional art, installations, sculptures and antiques combining the modernism of the building with the history of different cultures.

Located on the 8th floor, the mini meeting room can be booked for private meetings, company presentations, or just as an extended workspace for the day. Designed to create an intimate and exclusive atmosphere, is furnished with a large communal table and a decorative fireplace, ideal for an up to 8 participants group meeting! In addition, an interconnected sunny room is offered for a coffee break during meetings.

Perched on the top of the higher building in the Commercial Triangle of Athens, Roof Garden allows guests to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city and enjoy an unobstructed Acropolis’, Lycabettus’ and City view, while at the lobby the Maison de Curiosités, a special gift shop, awaits to be discovered filled with curiosities, small antiques, art pieces, books and scented candles.

  • Construction Company: CONOUS constructions
  • Engineer: Stilianos Konstantinidis
  • Interior Designer: Fragiskos Panos Papasifakis
  • Owner: Konstantinos Konstantinidis 

Hotel Equipment Suppliers:

Aluminum: ALUMIL
Timber: Alpha Wood
Floors: Alpha Wood
Doors: Alfa Wood
Locks: Force
Colors: Benjamin Moore
Air conditioning: GREE
Wallpapers: Bloomsbury & Arte
Beds (mattresses and bases): CANDIA STROM
Lighting fixtures: EGLO
Sofas: Sofa_ Industry - Sala Tsanis
Amenities: OLIVE ERA
Bedside tables / coffee tables / tables: Design by our team & import from abroad
Boudoir: Design by our team & import from abroad
Linen: imported from abroad

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