Why Boutique Hotels and Hotel Designers are the most important audience of the 100% Hotel Show

Eleni Sfikaki,
Why Boutique Hotels and Hotel Designers are the most important audience of the 100% Hotel Show

Living up to the reputation of the most important exhibition for Boutique Hotels and Architects specializing in Hotel design, the 100% Hotel Show explains why these professionals are the most active audience of the show, and how they significantly influence the development of Greek Tourism.

The 100% Hotel Show is preparing for its 6th event, which after last year’s remarkable success is expected to be more dynamic than ever. Last year, the show had more than 25,000 visitors, with the owners of the Boutique hotels and Architects with an important portfolio of accommodation facilities and tourism businesses, being a significant segment of its audience.

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What makes the 100% Hotel Show the most important exhibition for Boutique Hotels and Hotel Designers?

1. Hotel Design holds a pivotal role throughout the show, from the exhibition segments to parallel activities 


If there is one common characteristic running through all Boutique Hotels, this is their distinct and recognizable Design that gives each one its unique character. The 100% Hotel Show has managed to assemble the most complete collection of ideas and proposals, with its Architecture & Development, Build & Renovation and Interior & Exterior Design segments being the most developed, whereas the companies that participate convert their stands into complete proposals. The high aesthetics and quality of the Design proposals certainly also attracts the Architects that visit the show, where they can discover new solutions and proposals by the companies and also see their implementation.

See the list with the companies participating in the segments:

2. Emphasis is put on the training of Boutique hoteliers and Architects through targeted Workshops


Boutique Hotel owners are usually called to deal with a variety of subjects, which due to the market developments, require ongoing training. It is a fact that the Workshops of the 100% Hotel Show are turning into a point of reference both for the hoteliers and the architects visiting the show, covering special subject areas that come to meet the market’s immediate needs. This year in particular, several of the Workshops combine Design and Strategy, since it has been demonstrated that the guest’s overall experience is significantly influenced by the overall design, which affects both satisfaction and sales.

See the entire Workshops schedule at this link ➔

3. Hoteliers and designers are offered the opportunity to stand out thanks to the Hotel Design Awards


With the 100% Hotel Show being one of the most important points of references of the Greek Hotel Market, we also decided to launch a new action with the purpose of promoting the hotels and architects that have supported us over the last years. Thus, thanks to the constant enhancement of the Hotel Design Awards, an institution where both Hotels and Designers are awarded to then be promoted in Greece and abroad, the Awards are becoming a strong pole of attraction and has become one of the most objective and reliable institutions that promote Greek Hotel Design.

Here you can vote for the hotels participating in the Hotel Design Awards ➔

4. With its special segments: Digital & Sales, Housekeeping & Wellness and Food & Serve, it offers comprehensive solutions to Hoteliers and a better picture of the industry to Architects


Apart from Design, the Digital Marketing segment has also grown in significance, playing a decisive part in hotel sales. The 100% Hotel Show has set up and is presenting the Digital & Sales Hub, a specially designated area, where hoteliers can find all the companies offering a related solution. At the same time, Architects have the opportunity to better understand the reality of the hotel world, which in combination with the selected proposals of Housekeeping & Wellness as well as Food & Serve will assist them to design more integrated hotels.

See here the list with the companies participating in the special Digital & Sales segment➔

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100% Hotel Show | 16-19 November, 2018 | MEC Peania

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