These are the case studies that were presented in the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour 2019!

Nikos S. Morantis,
These are the case studies that were presented in the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour 2019!

The 100% Hotel Show team, evaluated and presented Case Studies from specially selected companies, giving targeted and innovative solutions to the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour attendees, and at the same time it gave the opportunity for affiliated brands to significantly enhance their placement in the high quality visitors of the event.

The Workshops of the 100% Hotel Show, and the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour, are known for their high quality as well as for their enhanced educational character. As the institution grows more and more, it also increases the interest of companies to participate in it and to get in touch with the audience of the event. With the sponsors' role being crucial, since the workshops are completely free to the public, Demand Fairs & Media, the 100% Hotel Show organizing company, launched for the first time the presentation of selected Case Studies as part of the sessions, in order to ensure the dynamic visibility of the companies while ensuring high quality information as well as useful ideas for the Workshop participants. The team of the event collaborated closely with the executives of the companies, choosing the solutions that are of the greatest interest to the Hotel and Architecture market, creating an interesting content that was included in the framework of the overall presentations.

With the 100% Hotel Show in November already being prepared at a strong pace, and before choosing Case Studies to be presented at the official 100% Hotel Show 2019 Main Workshops Stage, we present what happened in the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour 2019.

The companies that are interested to present their Case Study at the 100% Hotel Show 2019 Workshops, can contact Mrs. Maria Maragianou at mg@demand.com.gr or at 2109408714.

Which Case Studies were presented at the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour 2019?

Case Studies are interesting, practical applications and solutions provided by companies that, with the help of Hotelier Academy Greece -which undertakes the overall workshop curation-, are transformed into interesting presentations and they are integrated into the official workshop program. The 100% Hotel Workshop Tour presented for the first time interesting case studies across Greece in collaboration with major companies, while the correspondence of the audience was important, applying at the same time the new sense to the official workshops of the 100% Hotel Show 2019.

The modern technology hotel profile by Vimar


With technology being one of the benchmarks for the quality of a hotel, Vimar has presented a series of solutions that will enhance the hotel’s modern character. In addition to our day-to-day equipment, including USB sockets and modern switches, new power automation and power control solutions have been introduced, new solutions to wi-fi in difficult locations, as well as innovative products such as antibacterial sockets, imposed by the certification marks. During the case study, a complete range of solutions was presented for hotel rooms & spas, highlighting Vimar’s vast experience in the hotel industry.

Company: Vimar – www.vimar.com

Speaker: Peter Dranias 

Contact info:

Scent Marketing in Hotels by Scent Plus


The overall hotel experience is now at the heart of hoteliers’ interest, as it affects both reviews and consumptions, and the original Scent Plus solution has attracted great public interest. Based on Scent Marketing, Scent Plus, after explaining to the public its new term and prospects, presented ways to create a personalized fragrance for a hotel, as well as applications that enhance housekeeping practices by increasing the satisfaction. Finally, implementing Scent Marketing in restaurants has been a top of the line idea for F&B Upselling, winning the public’s impressions.

Company: Scent Plus – www.scent-plus.com 

Speaker: Nancy Daskalou 

Contact info:

The energy saving in numbers, by LG


As the energy saving is one of the key issues for hoteliers, LG was invited to explain the benefits, not in a descriptive way but with numbers. Presenting two examples, a resort that replaced hot water supply systems, and a smaller hotel that invested in modern cooling and heating technologies. Finally, the impressively reduced numbers in annual energy investments were analyzed, demonstrating the importance of energy-saving solutions.

Company: LG Hellas – www.lg.com

Speaker: Vaios Mplatzios, Manthos Tsatsiras, Panayotis Skatzikas, Vivi Koutsogianni

Contact info:

Architectural Hotel Lightning, by IFI


Although the importance of special Architectural Lighting Design of a hotel by qualified associates is now known, it has been a reference point for almost all of the Tour’s presentations, in relation to Design. At the Workshop in Cyprus, IFI presented two impressive examples of hotels that managed to emerge through the unique experience they provided through a special lighting study, with the workshop audience expressing its enthusiasm for the high-value result. In addition to the examples, the IFI gave brief advice on lighting a hotel, and responded to interesting questions from the public.

Company: IFI Group – www.ifilighting.com 

Speaker: Giorgos Anagnostakis 

Contact info: 

The Aluminum as a design material, by Europa 



The construction and renovation of hotels is always an important issue, with materials playing an important role both in terms of cost and quality. The Case study of Europa brought a special impression, as for the first time all aspects of aluminum were analyzed as a purely Greek product with recyclable substance, which, apart from its classical applications, is now also used for “cutting edge design”. A typical example was the Leivatho Boutique Hotel, which built a large part of its construction with aluminum, creating a unique result both in design and construction, showing all the extensions of aluminum as a material.

Company: Europa – www.profil.gr 

Speaker: Nikolaos Margaritis 

Contact Info:

  • Address: 56th klm Athinon- Lamias, Oinofyta 
  • E-mail: info@profil.gr 
  • Tel.: 22620/32202

Unexpected Digital Services by WeRcom


With hotels trying to upgrade the visitor's experience, innovative digital solutions come to the top of the list of hoteliers. WeRcom has presented a highly interesting case study in connection with an innovative information service for hotel visitors, which through a modern app can access all of its newspapers and magazines. This service, which keeps visitors up-to-date, seems to be the modern trend of large hotel chains and is coming for the first time in Greece by WeRcomm. In addition to access to the press, the application provides the ability to read books and various publications by upgrading the in-hotel experience.

Company: WeRcom

Speakers: Vicky Evangelou, Vasilis Giakamozis

 Contact info: 

  •  Address: Ermou St. 56, Athens 
  •  E-mail: info@wercomm.com      
  •  Tel.: 213/0994500

Which companies participated in the Micro Exhibition Stage of the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour?


With the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour being transformed into a micro exhibition fair where several companies participated with a stand, special solutions from the cooperating companies were also mentioned, while the surprises were not missed as the speakers welcomed to the stage collaborators that responded to the public's questions about the solution they provided. In particular, Imperial Strom explained the qualities of the qualitative layer at the Workshop in Corfu, and Kypriotis talked about the prediction of bathroom damage, which is a point of evaluation of accommodation by travelers.

What did the visitors of the Tour find in the participating companies:

Who were the Contributors of the 100% Hotel Workshop Tour 2019?

Nikos S. Morantis
Hospitality Strategy Expert
Nikos S. Morantis is in charge of 100% Hotel Show's online and digital presence. In collaboration with the fair’s organizing company, Demand Fairs & Media, he contributes to the strategic development of the institution.
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