The new, multilevel trend of Wellness at the 100% Hotel Show 2018

Eleni Sfikaki,
The new, multilevel trend of Wellness at the 100% Hotel Show 2018

The 100% Hotel Show will be introducing for the first time Wellness Tourism, one of the biggest trends in the global hotel market, with select exhibitors, events, and Workshops.

Wellness in hotels was once inextricably linked to impressive Spa Facilities, an idea however that has changed significantly in recent years. Wellness now refers to the guest’s overall experience, from the feeling of the stay in the room to the quality of the food at the hotel, as well as the overall experience offered by the hotel management, with services and activities both inside and outside the accommodation. This means that wellness tourism is now addressed to a wider range of hotels - regardless of their size, whereas the wellness experience has a more far-reaching application scope.

The 100% Hotel Show is attempting an alternative approach to this particular market, introducing the wellness trend with a series of select exhibitors and activities, which will offer information, ideas, and inspiration to the attending hotel owners.

More particularly, these will include:

  • Unique exhibitors, with solutions that reinforce the Wellness identity of the hotels.
  • Specialized Workshops about how hotels of all types can shape their wellness profile.
  • Innovative activities by Holmes Place, the leading wellness centers, and the team of the Hotelier Academy.

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Unique exhibitors that reinforce the Wellness identity of the hotels


Proposals by exhibitors regarding the wellness experience to be presented at the special Wellness & Housekeeping section of the show, are grouped into two separate sections: One pertaining to Design and one dedicated to Solutions that reinforce the overall experience. In this area, the participation of the world-famous company Sun of A Beach stands out, giving a new dimension to the wellness feeling of the accommodations through proposals on how to implement beach & pool kits in rooms, while giving, at the same time, a more special flair to hotel housekeeping. The wellbeing experience could not be complete without the special amenities and SPA products, which Olive Tree Spa Athens, an acclaimed company in this sector, has undertaken to present while also offering advice for the better organization of the spa facilities. Finally, a special approach on how to create the wellness feeling will be presented by the company Scent PLus which will offer proposals on ambient scenting that create feelings of emotional stimulation and relaxation, contributing to the general experience.

Specialized Workshops on how hotels of all types can form their own wellness profile.


Wellness could not be absent from the Workshops of the 100% Hotel Show, which this year will be also welcoming internationally distinguished speakers. Danish Designer Johanes Torpe will present a special approach to wellness at the workshop on hotel concepts, where he will present as a case study his recent project Red Mountain Resort, which is a model of the wellness experience in Iceland. On the same day, Destsetters, with a special Hotel Wellness Workshop, have invited experts of the sector to offer their advice on the implementation of wellness in the hotel’s gastronomy and in the general brand identity, whereas with the special participation of the René Pier ideas about the design of hotel spas will be presented. Finally, Archisearch.gr will offer an introduction to the concept of wellness, with their Sense Architecture Workshop, where the logic behind creating an “atmosphere” in modern hotels will be presented.

Innovative activities by Holmes Place, the leading wellness centers, and the team of the Hotelier Academy.


The Wellness experience for hotel owners will be concluded with events in which original proposals regarding wellness in hotel facilities will be presented, such as the 100% Hotel Wellness Spot by Holmes Place and the 100% Hotel Room Experience by Destsetters. 

100% Hotel Wellness Spot by Holmes Place

In cooperation with Holmes Place, the leading wellness centers, in a specially designed space, acclaimed professionals from the field of Spas, fitness, and alternative activities will meet the hoteliers, offering their advice on how to develop the Wellness Profile of their establishments, and how to effectively promote it in order to boost their sales. Moreover, Holmes proposal on how to create a wellness space in just a few square meters will be of great interest, as it will offer solutions to hotels that do not have enough space to develop a fully equipped Gym or Spa.

100% Hotel Room Experience by Destsetters

In this special participation, the members of the Destsetters will be informing visitors on how the hotelier may create the right room experience in accordance with the concept of each hotel, and which aspects of the operation must be planned out in order to achieve an enhanced wellness experience. At the specially prepared space of the 100% Hotel Room Experience, and for the duration of the show, experts from various fields will be hosted, who will offer advice on different areas pertaining to the preparation and presentation of a hotel guest room experience, as well as the methods of promotion to the distribution channels:

  • Hotel Concept Makers
  • Interior Designers 
  • Housekeeping Experts 
  • Concept Visualization 
  • Hotel Room Promoters

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100% Hotel Show | 16-19 November, 2018 | MEC Peania

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