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9-11 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2024

The new Era of 100% Hotel Show: The best 100% Hotel Show of all time is about to happen !   |  100% Hotel Show Online Team

The new Era of 100% Hotel Show: The best 100% Hotel Show of all time is about to happen !

100% Hotel Show is undeniably the Premium Exhibition in Greece for Hoteliers, Villa Owners and Architects. Due to this year's, 10th anniversary, while maintaining all its quality characteristics, levels up by adding new elements, creating as a result one unique exhibition model, in the most impressive 100% Hotel Show ever!

100% Hotel Show is known for its high quality and the premium content: Selected Εxhibitors and Booths of unique aestheticsInnovative Solutionsadvanced Workshops and interesting Parallel Events, compose the main features of the Exhibition in recent years, highlighting it as the top Exhibition for Hoteliers (especially for middle and upper class accommodation, boutique hotels, villas, etc. ) but also for New Investments in Greece and Cyprus.

However, due to the 10th annual Event and the special conditions that pandemic created for the Exhibitions, 100% Hotel Show Organizing Team, is proceeding with a series of well planned interventions, that aim to upgrade the Exhibition, and develop special, but also effective, Hotel Exhibition experience.

Luxury Hospitality, the main theme of the Exhibition

From the very first time, 100% Hotel Show set the goal of highlighting and transforming the Greek tourist product into one luxury product, and tried to complete this goal with both its content and actions. The facts confirmed this option, because it became clear (even after the pandemic) that the efficient development of Greek Tourism is connected with the idea of real luxury.

This year's event develops more this feature by hosting:

  • Selected Solutions for VillasBoutique Hotels and generally Luxury Accommodation.
  • Highlighting and hosting additional forms of Luxury Hospitality, which respond to today's conditions (more information soon).
  • An amount of actions for architecture & design, that are useful tools for the creation of real luxury hotel environment.
  • A series of impressive, well designed booths.

Emphasis on the presentation of Solutions and not just companies

100% Hotel Show it has never been a classic exhibition, with the usual and typical (even boring sometimes) listing of company booths-  always placed great importance on creating a unique exhibition experience for its visitors. 

This year, we take a step further in this area, giving great importance to hosting selected products and services, making significant preparation to discover, select and present NewInnovative and Timely for this season, Solutions and Businesses. Then, it creates the conditions for these Solutions to be presented in a targeted manner, aiming to satisfy both informational and supply needs of Hotels, Tourism Entrepreneurs and Architects. To achieve that, 100% Hotel Show:

  • Runs a Systematic Research for New Products, Special Proposals, Innovative Solutions.
  • Has created an interactive search process for specific needs of Hospitality Units for Construction and Renovation products and services , making sure at the same time, that all these recorded needs find their answer in next Exhibition. 
  • Has designed  a wide range of participation options, so that the Solutions that will be evaluated as new/innovative/timely , can in any case be hosted in the Exhibition, creating rich content for its visitors.
  • 100% Hotel Show 2022 Workshops are updated with additional sections, in the context of which there's a presentation (as well as training if necessary) for the most Innovative and New Solutions that will be chosen.

New Layout of Booths

Aiming to visitor's convenience, both to avoid overcrowding and for more direct access to all booths, 100% Hotel Show 2022 increases the width of all the corridors, while reducing the central corridors that run through the entire Exhibition to two (of three).

This intervention, despite the fact that creates an impressive aesthetic result (with the vast majority of booths having access to corridors on three sides), enables all the exhibitors to easily see all the booths, by following the route of corridor A in the entrance, and returning from the corridor B, which at its end there's the exit of the Exhibition.

At the same time, the Event Space is moving from the basement of the exhibition center in the booth area of the exhibition, and immediately after them.  As a result, visitors enjoy a convenient and safe environment , because of a larger and considerably higher-ceilinged space and have direct access,  both in Workshops area, and to booths, that they can explore between the gaps of Workshops.


Visitors can get their free badges through visitor's personal account in the Official Exhibition Platform, where the complete program of Workshops, as well as the detailed Exhibitor's catalogue will be posted. To login in your account, please click here, or click to register as a new user (visitors, or exhibitors).

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