The new campaign of 100% Hotel Show, 'Greeks Teach Hospitality', exports tourism!

Nikos S. Morantis,
The new campaign of 100% Hotel Show, 'Greeks Teach Hospitality', exports tourism!

100% Hotel Show, following the announcement of its participation in WTM London, reveals the name of the campaign which will dynamically promote Greek entrepreneurship to the European market.

With the message "Greeks Teach Hospitality", 100% Hotel Show underlines the quality of Greek tourism companies, connecting the central message of the campaign with the world renowned Greek Hospitality. At the same time, the campaign invites tourism professionals from all over the world to meet and work with Greek tourism companies.

Greece hosts some of the top tourism businesses in the world, either Hotels or tourism-related Companies. The campaign "Greeks Teach Hospitality", comes as a reply to the negative impact of the ongoing financial 'crisis' in Greece — which, in many cases, has had the opposite results, making the affected Greek companies raise the bar and increase their level of services.

The campaign "Greeks Teach Hospitality" includes a series of online actions which aim to support the message within the European market. The focal point of its activities will be the participation in various fairs and events around the world, with WTM London being the first example.


Why does 100% Hotel Show support Greek extroversion?

Being the Premium tourism event in Greece working for the development of Greek hotels and the Greek tourism product in general, 100% Hotel Show goes beyond a typical local fair and, by watching closely the Greek tourism industry evolutions over the past few years, manages to become one of the most updated organisations in the field.

As a result of the above, 100% Hotel Show introduces into its main vision the concept of Extroversion, launching an international plan for the promotion of Greek companies and professionals.

Having an important experience in fair hosting, 100% Hotel Show takes the first step towards its International plan, with the participation in Global Tourism fairs, representing dynamic Greek tourism brands. At the same time, the campaign is already planning its partnership with even bigger and more important International events.

What kind of companies will be presented in "Greeks Teach Hospitality"?

The campaign "Greeks Teach Hospitality" is about Greek hoteliers as well as tourism-related professionals, such as architects, sales & marketing companies and export companies of products and services.

The Hotels will have the chance to be presented within "Greeks Teach Hospitality", either as part of the short-listed participations in Hotel Design Award or after their selection for their innovation, by the specialized team of 100% Hotel Show.

The Companies and Professionals that participate in "Greeks Teach Hospitality", will be pre-approved by 100% Hotel Show’s team and must be in the position to export their products and services abroad. The interested companies will be evaluated for their quality of services and products as well as their comparative advantages.

In both cases, the campaign’s goal is the promotion and development of new deals and partnerships on an International level.

Nikos S. Morantis
Hospitality Strategy Expert
Nikos S. Morantis is in charge of 100% Hotel Show's online and digital presence. In collaboration with the fair’s organizing company, Demand Customize Marketing, he contributes to the strategic development of the institution.
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