The 2 Greek Hotel proposals presented in The Hotel Show Dubai 2018 meet with great success!

Dimitris Antonakos,
The 2 Greek Hotel proposals presented in The Hotel Show Dubai 2018 meet with great success!

Superb design and implementation, a strong interest by the show’s visitors and top-notch professional contacts marked the presentation of the two hotel room proposals at the stands of the Attica Region and Enterprise Greece, with the support of the Greek 100% Hotel Show.

After assigning the design to the acclaimed Mastrominas Architecture firm (overall winner of the Hotel Design Awards 2017 of the 100% Hotel Show) and  recognized Designer Sotiris Lazou, 2 model hotel rooms were set up, one for a resort and one for an urban hotel, to showcase the exceptional aesthetics and high status of Greek architectural design.

This original conceptual participation by the  Attica Region  and Enterprise Greece in the “The Hotel Show Dubai”, that was made possible with the support of the 100% Hotel Show team, came to a successful close, effectively managing to promote Greek hotel design and Greek supply companies in the most important hotel show of the Middle East.


The involvement of two highly acclaimed design teams was a guarantee from the onset that these proposals - at least from the aspect of design - would be top-notch. The goal was to properly implement the architectural design in a way that fully reflected the designers’ inspiration, and to attact the interest of the very demanding professionals (hoteliers, developers, architects, construction companies, etc.) visiting The Hotel Show Dubai.

The overall impact of this action exceeded all expectations! The constructions were impeccable, nearly perfect renditions of the photorealistic drawings, and for the three days of the show, the stands hosting the 2 proposals were constantly full of professionals seeking information and discussing upcoming hotel projects with their creators. Moreover, there were several visitors interested in a collaboration with the specific supply companies who participated in the 2 proposals as Sponsors of Materials and Products, with interesting business contacts taking place with the representatives of these companies who had a physical presence in the show. In fact, a designated shared space had been included in the overall plan, that was tastefully furnished, to give the Sponsors the opportunity to have a physical presence and hold meetings with the visitors. 

In fact, top-level executives from the companies participating in this action were physically present at the Attica Region stand, and more specifically:

  • Enterprise Greece (organizer of the overall Greek presence in The Hotel Show Dubai)
  • Demand (Organizer of the 100% Hotel Show)
  • Mastrominas Architecture (design of Resort Hotel room)
  • Sotiris Lazou Design Studio (design of Urban Hotel room)
  • Al2 (Urban Hotel furniture)
  • Homad (Resort Hotel furniture)
  • Kanelli (Urban Hotel surfaces)
  • Candia (Urban Hotel mattress)
  • Tog & Tog (Resort Hotel fabrics)
  • Bright (light fixtures in both proposals)

The Event

The entire action was implemented with the substantial general support of Attica Region, in cooperation with Enterprise Greece who organized it. Once again, Attica Region stands out as an active supporter of openness, through targeted actions that highlight the productive potential of Attica, while its close collaboration with  Enterprise Greece resulted in an exceptionally innovative endeavor, with significant prospects for growth, aiming at the development of exports. In fact, the combination of Design and Tourism can add value to Greek companies, and give a further boost to partnerships at an international level - and it is very important and promising that the two agencies  (Attica Region and Enterprise Greece) are systematically working in this direction!

Moreover, the branding and identity of the overall action designed and applied by the 100% Hotel Show team (logo, signs, posters, brochures), received numerous positive comments, and so did the general communication of the endeavor (in Greece and abroad), for which the 100% Hotel Show team was also responsible, thus demonstrating its high level of expertise, good taste and effectiveness (within extremely tight deadlines)!

The Next Day

After the end of The Hotel Show Dubai, the members of the team that took part in this action (Enterprise Greece, 100% Hotel Show, Designers, Supply Companies), are planning their next steps:

  • Analysis of the results of the participation, to extract useful conclusions that will help this action grow into something more than a one-off event, to be part of a holistic and strategic approach to openness.
  • Organization of the further communication and systematic follow-up of the contacts made during The Hotel Show Dubai 2018.
  • Transfer and customization to the needs of the Greek hotel market and presentation of these 2 Hotel Proposals in the next 100% Hotel Show to be held on November 16-19, 2018, at Mec Paiania 
  • Investigation of prospects for the continuation of this conceptual participation in other select hotel shows abroad, in order to give this pioneering endeavor the impetus that befits it.

Resort Inspiration / Design By:  Mastrominas Architecture


Material & Product Sponsors:


Urban Hotel inspiration / Design By:  Sotiris Lazou Design Studio


Material & Product Sponsors:

Dimitris Antonakos
Organizer - Editor In Chief
Dimitris Antonakos is the founder of 100% Hotel Show. His vision is the constant development and support of the Greek Hotel Product. His close relationship with contemporary evolutions and modern technologies, allow him to pursue the creation of a modern and interactive institution, with effective results for its visitors and participants.
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