Take a look at the impressive booths of last year’s “Booth Contest” winners!

Eleni Sfikaki,
Take a look at the impressive booths of  last year’s “Booth Contest” winners!

The 100% Hotel Show opens on 15 November and exhibitors have been preparing the most impressive booths for the presentation of their products and services; the 100% Hotel Show team gives a taste of what will happen by presenting the booths that were awarded in last year’s Booth Contest.

Impressive constructions and company presentations are the main characteristic of 100% Hotel Show, this is why the audience has been comparing the Show to big international Design Events. Aiming at maintaining the premium character of the Show, the dedicated 100% Hotel Show team reviews one by one all participations, making sure that the aesthetic result will be truly unique.

However, after introducing the Booth Contest, in which the audience votes during the Show for the best participation, the bar has been raised even higher and companies become more creative than ever. Impressive installations, special design constructions, even life-like hotel areas, are created in MEC Paiania during the 100% Hotel Show, offering a high quality experience.

With a few days left for 100% Hotel Show’s 7th edition, the Show’s team presents last year’s winners, that managed to make the best impression and earn the audiences’ votes, to give an idea about what will happen this year with an even higher level among participants.

Award - 50+m2 category: Bagno y Bagno


The Bagno y Bagno booth stood out once again for its high aesthetics, its upgraded solutions and its integrated approach, since visitors - both hoteliers and architects - had the chance to see the proposed solutions being implemented. The booth simulated real hotel areas, putting Bagno y Bagno at the top of visitors’ preferences and receiving enthusiastic feedback.

Award - 20m2-50m2 category: Vagenas Contract Materials


The Vagenas Contract Materials booth managed to win in its category by showing in practice that special concepts and interaction with audience can turn a booth into a real Show hotspot. The bar-van, an unexpected installation, gave a very special flavor to the company’s participation, which was awarded by the audience by being voted as the best in its category.

Award - up yp 20m2 category: EK Magazine


The architectural concept behind EK Magazine booth gained high acceptance among the 100% Hotel Show audience, proving that even a smaller booth can attract people’s attention and stand out. Even though the approach was highly minimal, the special perspective of the construction and the smart use of the mirror not only captured the interest but also gave a practical idea of how to make a small space look bigger and this is why it received so many votes.

The 100% Hotel Show will take place on 15-18 November, in MEC Paiania, with over 200 selected exhibitors with hotel solutions and 8 big workshops that will analyze the latest trends of the hotel market!

Eleni Sfikaki
Digital Marketing Manager
Eleni Sfikaki is responsible for the online communication of the exhibition and the development of its interactive character, up to the main event.
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