More than 30,000 visitors at the 100% Hotel Show 2018 - high quality and new partnership prospects!

Nikos S. Morantis,
More than 30,000 visitors at the 100% Hotel Show 2018 - high quality and new partnership prospects!

The 100% Hotel Show 2018 came to a close with a significant increase in the number of visitors (attendance topping the previous event by 21%), with Hoteliers and Architects as well as a broad range of professionals from the tourism industry trusting the Show to keep them up-to-date.

The sixth 100% Hotel Show ended with tremendous success, recording an increase of visitors that exceeded 21% during the 4 days that it lasted.  The main feature of the 2018 event was the high quality of both the participating companies and the visitors, which enhanced the premium profile of the event, marking the evolution of the 100% Hotel Show into the leading event of the Greek Hotel Market.

In addition to the impressive stands and high quality participations by companies and brands from Greece and abroad in the Architecture, Build and Design area, it was the special segments of Digital & Sales, Wellness & Housekeeping and Food & Serve which stole the show and were amongst the most powerful aspects of the exhibition. More specifically, the Digital & Sales segment stood out for the integrated range of proposals it offered, with visitors talking about the most important point of reference in the sales and promotion of a hotel.

The 100% workshops were yet again the top feature of the event attracting more than 4,000 professionals, with their topics and speakers raising the bar, thus helping this institution grow into the biggest training event for hotels of the year. Moreover, the Hotel Design Awards were one of the highlights of the event, with the award ceremony taking place in a room full of high-ranking executives from the sector of hotels and architecture, and all the shortlisted hotels attracting the admiration of visitors for their high standards and the winners enjoying significant privileges.

As a result of all the above, a broader range of visitors came to the 100% Hotel Show, i.e. people from various departments of hotels seeking targeted solutions and applications in the special segments of the show and looking to upgrade their know-how in the training sessions. As the 100% Hotel Show takes on a more universal character in the Greek tourism market, our goal is to enhance its international profile, since the level of the event allows for significant activities targeted outwards. 

Luxury Design, Digital Sales, Wellness and Food, the key points of the exhibitors of the 100% Hotel Show 2018


Since year one, Design has been the strongest asset of the 100% Hotel Show, however this year it attracted the greatest participation by companies of the sector and the most inspiring presentations. The stands of the broader Hotel Build & Design segment once again stole the show, since apart from the stylish design, they once again presented integrated solutions, leaving visitors with the best of impressions. The Digital & Sales segment also developed this year with the participation of more companies with booking engines, hotel branding services, sales consulting and promotional platforms, giving the opportunity to hoteliers to explore ways to increase their profitability. Decisive to this integrated approach of the show were the new arrivals: the Housekeeping & Wellness and Food & Serve segments and their carefully selected exhibitors, recommending targeted solutions that attracted the interest of the visitors. 

CEOs and designers of international acclaim, Innovation and advanced Know-How prevailed in the 100% Workshops of 2018


The 100% Workshops  2018 launched a new era for the institution, with international speakers participating for the first time, while all topics were chosen by the organisers in cooperation with the Hotelier Academy, aiming to offer meaningful training to the public. The presentations by designer Johannes Torpe and by the CEO of the globally renowned filmmaking company NEEDaFIXER, Sofia Panagiotaki were the main highlights. The audience was offered the opportunity to experience a new model of presentations, which apart from the transfer of knowledge also aimed at inspiring and promoting new images to take the hotel market a step further. Main pillars of this year’s Workshops where the new Master Classes by WebHotelier attracting more than 1000 attendees, as well as the presentations by Airbnb and Workathlon, which sparked great interest and provided an opportunity for constructive dialog. The Advanced Know-how Workshops by About Hotelier, Destsettlers, and PMT & Intrasoft, presented practical solutions to Hoteliers for critical current issues, in line with the high educational standards of the event. Finally, the main Architecture Workshops of the last day of the event by Arhisearch and Archetype touched on important issues of Hotel Design and attracted a significant number of attendees. 

The renewed presentation of the Hotel Design Awards and the prize that stood out!


This year’s award ceremony for the Hotel Design Awards took on a completely different dimension, with the team of the 100% Hotel Show undertaking the organization of the event to even further enhance its potential. For the first time, a detailed presentation of all shortlisted participations was made in the packed hall of the central Stage, highlighting the high level of the event but also the difficult work of the jury. This new presentation method is an indication of the importance which the institution has acquired, a fact confirmed by the big prize of the winners in the main categories: the now revealed “Fantini Workshop” to be organized exclusively for the Hotel Design Awards by the well-known Fantini Rubinetti company, at their central factory in Lake Orta, Italy.  The CEO of Fantini Rubinetti, Ms Daniela Fantini, attended the award ceremony and presented the winners with their prize, speaking about the role of design in hotels; also attending was the representative of the Platinum sponsor of the prizes, Europa, who addressed the audience. The festive atmosphere of the Hotel Design Awards was culminated with the most successful to this day VIP Opening Party, with a large number of noteworthy visitors and accompanied by haute cuisine proposals by TRU Catering, managed by the team of the well-known Radisson Blu Park Hotel of Athens.  

A few words from the 100% Hotel Show Team

The team of the 100% Hotel Show would like to thank the visitors and exhibitors who participated in its sixth event, and contributed towards making it the leading event for the hotel sector.

The plans for 2019 begin fairly early, since the institution will remain active both through the 100% Hotel Workshops Tour traveling to various destinations in Greece this next spring, as well through its blog www.hotelshow.gr, with interesting topics posted throughout the year.

Special thanks are also extended to important associates who contributed greatly to the uniqueness of the show:

  • Architectural firm Aspasia Taka for the impressive design of the entrance, and construction company Chrysi Tomi for the erection of the necessary special structures.
  • Architectural firm Potiropoulos+Partners for the design of the 100% Workshops Stage and company Epikyklos for the final configuration and completion of the structures.
  • LG for the digital support of the show at all levels.
  • Future Needs for the unique VR experience offered at the entrance, in cooperation with Samsung.
  • The Art Director of the event, Vasilis Papadatos Visual Communication, who once again impressed with all his creative printed and electronic work designed for the 100% Hotel Show 2018.

We renew our appointment for the next 100% Hotel Show on 15 – 18 November 2019, with an even stronger event!

Watch the Video Highlights of 100% Hotel Show 2018

Day 1: Hotel Design Awards and VIP Opening Party 

Day 2: Event's highlights and moments from the Workshops 

Day 3: Event's highlights and moments from the Workshops 

Day 4: Event's highlights and moments from the Workshops

Nikos S. Morantis
Hospitality Strategy Expert
Nikos S. Morantis is in charge of 100% Hotel Show's online and digital presence. In collaboration with the fair’s organizing company, Demand Fairs & Media, he contributes to the strategic development of the institution.
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