For the fifth year, the annual meeting of WebHotelier in November’s 100% Hotel Show

For the fifth year, the annual meeting of WebHotelier in November’s 100% Hotel Show

For the fifth year, WebHotelier's biggest meeting with Greek hoteliers is organized at the 100% Hotel Show in November, with two dynamic Sessions revealing the most significant change in hotel distribution

WebHotelier is one of the world's most powerful booking engines, and it is well known that most of the Greek hotels use a wide range of Webhotelier’s tools, bringing the company to one of the most important in Greek tourism. Being one of the first companies that trusted the 100% Hotel Show, both at the exhibition and the training seminars, WebHotelier, in association with the Exhibition, now establishes its annual meeting with Greek hoteliers, which surpassed 1,200 entries last year. 

The fifth “annual meeting” of WebHotelier with hoteliers using the famous booking engine, as well as with new hotels that are interested in joining the innovative company’s network, is expected to be most subversive, as the executives of the company, in collaboration with executives from major tourist brands, will uncover the big change that comes to the distribution of hotels as well as the direct bookings. The hotel market is going through one of its strongest transition periods, with upgrades to the dynamics of OTAs, and with Google being dynamically entering the official Booking Engine distribution of hotels. WebHotelier, always studying and evaluating all industry developments, is among the few companies that have directly incorporated the changes for the benefit of hoteliers. 

As it also happened last year, this year two special Sessions will be organized at the Main Workshop Stage of the 100% Hotel Show 2019. The first will take place on Saturday 16/11 and the second on Sunday 17/11, while participants will be able to sign up for free in the special environment of the workshops at www.hotelshow.gr. In addition to the highly anticipated WebHotelier meeting, the Main Workshop Stage of the 100% Hotel Show will host very interesting Workshops, with speakers from some of the major companies that shape the next day of Greek -and not only- hotel reality.

Which is the difference between the two Sessions of WebHotelier’s Annual Meeting?  


With WebHotelier now covering a wide range of tools for distributing hotel prices, both at B2B and B2C level, the WebHotelier Workshops at the 100% Hotel Show will focus on the new solutions for each category. Saturday's workshop will cover the whole range of new trends and practices, especially in the hotel and villas sector, while the Sunday workshop will feature B2B tools for hoteliers, that strengthen their position towards Travel Agents in relation to Tour Operators. The two days combined will give hoteliers new solutions to the hotel's booking engine dynamics, aiming always to increase relative profitability. 

How can Hoteliers take part? 


Participation in the two workshops of WebHotelier will be free of charge, as will the rest of the sessions of the Exhibition, while entries will begin in the first week of October through the platform www.hotelshow.gr

Maria-Glykeria Maraggianou
Event Project Manager
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