Flisvos Royal Hotel | Tolo - Argolis (Infrastructures for People with Reduced Mobility)

Katianna Nikolopoulou,
Flisvos Royal Hotel | Tolo - Argolis (Infrastructures for People with Reduced Mobility)

Flisvos Royal Hotel is a luxurious hotel unit located in the coastal area of Tolo - Argolis.

An ideal destination for sea lovers, it consists of rooms and suites with stunning view to the bay, swimming pool with a pool bar and lounge-café area, providing all the comforts of contemporary life. Its distinctive feature, though, are the disabled friendly facilities in order to make disabled people’s stay comfortable. The architectural office «Positive + Architects» designed and supervised rooms accessible to disabled people. With a high sense of responsibility, consistency and sensibility, all the required specifications were taken under consideration, so that disabled people’s stay will include all the comforts of contemporary life, without obstacles. By following technical instructions, all the demanded parameters were incorporated in the design progress, in order to avoid the existence of restrictions affecting disabled’s autonomy. Thus, accessible and friendly spaces were created, providing every necessary piece of equipment and satisfying the demanded specifications in terms of dimensions and placements, by respecting the restrictions of minimum hall widths and the desired free spaces for accessibility and unblocked rotation. The bathrooms were designed as much carefully, as far as minimum space, dimensions and equipment are concerned. Special handles and lighting switches placed in specific heights for easy access, special alarm and emergency call markings, specific conditions of visual comfort and anti-slipping floor materials were taken under consideration, in the designing process of each space.


The rooms, suitable to accommodate disabled people, were designed without compromising usability and appearance, as the parameters of shaping a disabled friendly environment were successfully combined with contemporary design and aesthetics. A unified handling characterizes the designing process of the rooms, with a central concept of combining intense geometries and vivid colours. Instead of a symmetrical placement of wallpapers and ceiling lighting, an interesting composition revolving around oblique dynamic lines immersed, in order to accentuate the sense of perspective. A unique characteristic of the rooms’ design, are the custom-made ceiling lighting elements, that compose a geometrical synthesis along with the atmospheric light and the vivid colours. The same concept was applied in the bathrooms, where the presence of geometries, triangles, motifs and daring colour combinations, is evident.


Katianna Nikolopoulou
Project Executive
Katiana Nikolopoulou is responsible for the monitoring and planning of the exhibition's activities, while she is also part of the 100% Hotel Show Blog.
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