Build Hotel: The new campaign of 100% Hotel Show’s special section, “Architecture, Build & Materials”

Nikos S. Morantis,
Build Hotel: The new campaign of 100% Hotel Show’s special section, “Architecture, Build & Materials”

Hotel building and refurbishment is at the heart of the 100% Hotel Show 2019, with many architectural and construction companies presenting new ideas and solutions, as well as with the largest participation of companies with original building materials and equipment

The past few years, 100% Hotel Show has been the most powerful reference point for hotel development, since a large part of new or under development hotels choose this exhibition for a market survey of the companies they intend to work with, both at a service level and at level of materials & equipment. As the exhibition has originally laid its foundation to Design and Architecture, it has already managed to attract the leading companies and the most prominent professionals in the Design and Construction industry, giving practical solutions to investors who are interested in creating a new accommodation, but also to hoteliers who want to renovate an existing property.

This year, however, the construction and renovation of a hotel is reinforced by fundamental changes in the layout of the exhibitors, who create a renewed form of the exhibition, but also through the "Build Hotel" campaign, which aims to share the message in the hotel market and gather feedback on the needs of hoteliers and investors on building and renovating a hotel. The year 2019 is also expected to be the most "Architectural" year of the 100% Hotel Show, as the Workshop lineup will add a special set of seminars, purely for Architects, aiming to dynamically inform them about the new trends in hotel construction.

Apart from the emphasis given on architecture and construction, the exhibition adds new departments such as Hotel Decoration, which will present hotel decoration solutions, while significantly reinforcing the existing ones such as the Digital & Sales section that is expected to be larger than ever, with a significant involvement of companies that help hotels boost their sales. 

What does the "Build Hotel" campaign include?


The "Build Hotel" campaign is the new dynamic energy of the 100% Hotel Show, which aims to inform the market about solutions and ideas on building and renovating a hotel, as well as gathering feedback depending on the needs. In the context of the campaign, the 100% Hotel Show will publish special content on the steps of creating a new hotel in August, and for the first time it will promote relevant products through the "Products Directory" owww.hotelshow.gr, giving practical ideas to the audience of the exhibition.  

At the same time, the visitors' special section will gather market-related queries that they will pass on to the companies involved in the exhibition, aiming to provide solutions that meet all needs, even during the 100% Hotel Show 2019. The "Build Hotel" campaign aspires to be a new communication channel between companies and hoteliers, and to create new conditions for hotel development.

►► The public can send their questions at: contact@hotelshow.gr

Which are the changes in the "Architectural" part of the exhibition?


As it is known, the 100% Hotel Show is developed in special sections; sections where the hotelier can find solutions that are grouped according to his / her needs. This year, for the first time, the categories are broadened in order to meet more needs and to be more focused on the grouping of the solutions provided by the participating companies. The first section of the exhibition, “Architecture, Build & Materials”, will be one of the most crucial sections, since it is the one that has been under the biggest changes so far. In particular, the participating companies are invited to create more conceptual kiosks, through which they will present the added value of the design approach and specialization.

With architectural design companies, specialized Brands focusing on the creation of special spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as Lighting & Landscape Design companies, it is expected that a particularly interesting section will be created, which will cover a wide range of an accommodation’s design needs, evolving significantly the way hotels are developing.

Why does the new exhibition structure give a comprehensive proposal with the new Hotel Decoration section? 


This year, for the first time, the 100% Hotel Show will present the new Hotel Decoration section, giving even more solutions to the visitors of the exhibition. As the decoration of a hotel plays a huge role in the final result, and given the fact that both hoteliers and interior designers are looking for more fresh solutions on this part, a special department will be set up to showcase specialized companies that provide decorative solutions covering a significant part of the market’s demand. Design objects and equipment add a significant surplus value to accommodation and, as a very large market research is required, the 100% Hotel Show chooses and presents the best solutions on this field.

Adding the Furniture, Textiles & Housekeeping section, through which a great variety of furniture, fabrics and solutions will be presented for the Housekeeping part of a hotel, the first 3 parts of the 100% Hotel Show become the most important reference point for the complete development of a new hotel , which concerns Hoteliers, Architects and Interior Designers.

You can see companies participating in the "Build Hotel" Campaign in the links below:

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