Boutique Hotels in the Center of the next 100% Hotel Show | November 17-20, MEC Paianias

Nikos S. Morantis,
Boutique Hotels in the Center of the next 100% Hotel Show | November 17-20, MEC Paianias

New ideas will be presented for: Design, Online Bookings as well as the Gastronomy of the Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels are among the most dynamic accommodation types in Greece, configuring the profile of the Greek Hotel Product distinctively. At 100% Hotel Show, owners and executives of boutique hotels have always been among the top visitors' categories. That is why the fair emphasizes on giving advice and solutions for the best possible coverage of this sector's needs.

At the 5th edition of 100% Hotel Show (November 17-20 at MEC Paianias), Boutique Hotels will find the most complete development proposal since the event made sure to present targeted solutions of their needs:

Special Section for the Gastronomy in the Boutique Hotels


Gastronomy has a significant impact on the travelers' Boutique Experience, and the hoteliers are in need of advanced solutions. Keeping that in mind, Gastronomy Village will take place for the first time, where important companies will introduce inspiring concepts and ideas for Hotel Breakfast, Cocktails, and the importance of the Cafe and the mini bar!

More particularly, the gastronomic concepts to be presented are:

  • Cocktail Lab by Premium Brands: Aiming to upgrade the bar and the cocktails sections, which have become the basic income of the F&B. 
  • Hotel Magic Breakfast by Cap Cap: Aiming to highlight a food story-telling concept at the breakfast, which is a major satisfaction point for the visitor.
  • Hotel Espresso Point by Taf: Aiming to highlight the meaning of the cafe and the perspective to become reference point of the F&B Revenue. 
  • Mpakaliko by Living Postcards: Aiming to integrate the Greek products at the Mini Bar and the potential increase of its income.
  • Digital Gourmet Hotel by Upselling Hotel: Aiming to educate on how to use the digital signage, for the promotion of the restaurants at the various areas of the hotel.

Workshops for the development of the Boutique Hotels


100% Hotel Show's Workshops have become a reference point for the owners of Boutique Hotels, since they provide high-quality knowledge and useful solutions. The only requirement is the in-time pre-registration, which is totally free, and will give them the opportunity to follow targeted workshops related with important sections including the Housekeeping, the Boutique Hotel Branding, and the promotion of the restaurants & spa. In the meanwhile, they will have the opportunity to learn more about Airbnb and the increase of the autonomous bookings.

Some distinctive topics of Workshops for Boutique Hotels:

  • Hotel Housekeeping: How to organize your Hotel’s Housekeeping Department to become more cost-efficient and increase guest satisfaction.
  • Boutique Hotel Branding: How to establish and communicate your brand, upgrading your identity and sales.
  • Hotel Upselling Methods: How to boost your property’s revenue by increasing your Restaurant, Spa and other Hotel Services Sales.

Exhibitors for all the development stages of a Boutique Hotel


100% Hotel Show's primary goal is to give to the visitors, during their visit, the ability to find all the necessary suppliers and partners needed to build a hotel - from the foundation of the hotel to its placement on the Market. This has been completely achieved, since the visitor can meet selected companies from all the construction stages of a hotel, as well as services that can contribute to its more effective promotion and sales. 

See the impressive companies' profiles from each section, find information and products and arrange an appointment via the online system:

Nikos S. Morantis
Hospitality Strategy Expert
Nikos S. Morantis is in charge of 100% Hotel Show's online and digital presence. In collaboration with the fair’s organizing company, Demand Fairs & Media, he contributes to the strategic development of the institution.
MEC Paiania
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