100% Hotel Show's new and impressive website, competes with the most important tourism fairs in the world!

Zenios Zeniou,
100% Hotel Show's new and impressive website, competes with the most important tourism fairs in the world!

The Visitor can now see more information about the exhibitors, while the modern appointment scheduling system enhances the networking possibilities and upgrades the overall experience

One of the most important factors in a contemporary exhibition's success, is the direct communication between its visitors and exhibitors. What is also very important, is the visitor's possibility to find in advance sufficient information regarding the solutions and companies that will meet during the fair. 

100% Hotel Show has made one of the most important investments in the field of online technologies, building a unique platform that rises beyond the standard fair websites and becomes a unique communication channel between visitors and exhibitors as well as a useful 'plan your visit' tool.  

The creation of this modern platform is the result of the close and long-term collaboration between the organizing company Demand Customize Marketing and the online department of Morantis | Hospitality Experts. Both companies' goal was to create an exhibition website that introduces a series of groundbreaking elements, which are not used even by International fairs. 

The impressive Exhibitor Profile Pages, with Video, Products and Appointment scheduling


From now on, the visitors will be able to find more information about the exhibitors and plan their visit more effectively. The Exhibitors are able to create impressive profile pages with a photo gallery, information about the solutions they provide to hoteliers, their corporate Video and the people working in their company. 

The user-friendly appointment scheduling system, allows to send meeting requests with a single click, creating automatically every Visitor and Exhibitor's Appointment Calendar. In this way, the visitors and exhibitors can make use of the entire period prior to each exhibition, creating a dynamic reference point between companies and hoteliers. 

The special Visitors' Area, with Exhibitor suggestions and Workshop access


For the Visitors, www.hotelshow.gr becomes much more than a simple fair website. In addition to the fact that they can download their personal Entrance Badge, the visitors are now able to 'save' their favorite exhibitors and send appointment requests to the companies that want to meet during the fair. 

With the special tool of Exhibitors Match,  www.hotelshow.gr is able to suggest to each visitor a personalized list of exhibitors that should definitely consider visiting, based on each visitor's profile and choices. Finally, the registered visitors will be able to download their personal ticket for the Hotelier Workshops, and create their personal profile pages (accessible only by the exhibitors), with their CV, photos and information about their professional activity. 

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The updated Hospitality Blog with 100% Hotel Show news, Company Presentations and Guest Authors


100% Hotel Show has created the most contemporary tourism Blog, which not only provides the latest news and updates about the Show, but also informs Hoteliers regarding interesting topics around the tourism industry. The Blog sorts the information into categories, making it easy for the visitors to find exactly what they are looking for, either about the fair or the Hotelier industry in general. 

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The 100% Hotel Show platform was developed under the supervision of Stavros-Pericles Lyras, Head of Web Development at Morantis | Hospitality Experts. Stavros has used the most advanced web techniques, for creating a fully functional website that supports and promotes the fair's vision.
Zenios Zeniou
Digital Design Expert
Zenios is part of the brain-duet who founded Destsetters, where he works as the Creative Director for the group's various projects. He also writes, edits and oversees content. Zenios is a travel expert, great with words, obsessed with detail and a books junkie.
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