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9-11 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2024

100% Hotel Show Athens: New Date - Selected Brands - More Workshops   |  100% Hotel Show Online Team

100% Hotel Show Athens: New Date - Selected Brands - More Workshops

The main event of the 100% Hotel Show returns to Athens on 09-11 November, a week earlier than its established date. This change allows hoteliers to plan their work for the upcoming season in advance and gives exhibitors the advantage of securing profitable deals.

The new, updated concept of the 100% Hotel Show upgrades the exhibition experience of visitors, since through the specially designed sections they will be able to discover more easily the solutions they are looking for and ideas that will upgrade their property! At the same time, the new exhibition structure gives Exhibitors a more flexible way of choosing where to set up their booth, providing for the first time the opportunity for all brands, of any type, to set up a dynamic presence in the first section of the Exhibition, while the other Sections acquire a more creative way of approach, with special zones and special features.

With the needs of hotels evolving dynamically, November's 100% Hotel Show emphasizes:

  1. In the gathering of more practical solutions that hotel owners can apply directly to their properties.
  2. In the organization of more workshops and educational presentations on hotel practices.
  3. In the development of a more lifestyle exhibition concept that will allow the hotelier to relax after the tourist season.

The exhibition is about new hotel projects, 5-star resorts & hotels, boutique hotels, villas, glamping, eco lodges, luxury travel agencies, architects, designers and hotel development and management companies.

The 100% Hotel Show will be held from Saturday 9 to Monday 11 November at MEC Peania, and will once again host the 100% Hotel Design Awards, presenting new categories of nominees.

The New Sections:

100% Discoveries:

"In this special section new businesses will be hosted with innovative products and services discovered by the Exhibition."

These exhibits will be located at the entrance of the exhibition, giving visitors the opportunity to discover new trends and innovative solutions that are expected to impact the hotel market. 

100% Trending Brands:

"The section that brings together the most active companies investing dynamically in the development of solutions for the hotel market."

Participants will present innovative solutions from construction to the sale of hotel services in a conceptual way, offering visitors the opportunity to see the most modern products and services that are shaping trends in the industry.

100% Hotel Design:

"A variety of companies specializing in hotel design will exhibit their services and products."

From architectural studios and construction materials to selected furniture and decorative items, visitors will be able to find everything they need to upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of their properties.

100% Experience & Operation:

"This section focuses on shaping the guest experience at a property."

From gastronomy and hospitality services to the details of accommodation, exhibitors will showcase solutions that improve day-to-day operations and the guest experience.

100% Hospitality Experts:

"This session will feature leading companies in hotel technology, sales and management."

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet experts who provide specialized solutions and services for the successful operation and development of hotels.

100% Workshop Area: 

"This new hybrid module combines presentations and workshops, creating a zone of knowledge and innovation."

The main stage and the Seminar Room will host presentations and educational sessions, giving visitors the opportunity to learn from professionals and incorporate new techniques and strategies into their businesses.

The Solutions:

  • Architectural and Interior Design Studios
  • Hotel Development Solutions
  • Premium Architectural Materials
  • High-end Furniture
  • Unique Hotel Experience Proposals
  • Hospitality Technologies and Software
  • Hotel Sales Services 
  • Workshops and seminars

100% Workshop Stage


Saturday, November 9th, 2024 - 100% Hotel Design:

Workshops and seminars focusing on accommodation design and development. A day dedicated to design, with the 100% Hotel Design Awards Ceremony.

Sunday, November 10th, 2024 - 100% Hotel Sales:

Workshops and Seminars focusing on Hotel Marketing and Sales. Participants will learn techniques and strategies to boost sales and promote their services.

Monday, November 11th, 2024 - 100% Villas & Luxury Apartments:

Workshops and Seminars focusing on the management and sale of Villas and Luxury Apartments. A day dedicated to the needs and challenges of managing these properties.

Facts & Figures - Athens & Crete 2023-2024

  • 180 Exhibitors (70% Athens-30% Crete)
  • 42 Workshops and Presentations (50% Athens-50% Crete)
  • 48 Speakers (55% Athens-45% Crete)
  • 2500 Workshop Attendees (65% Athens-35% Crete)
  • 26293 Visitors (80% Athens-20% Crete)

The 100% Hotel Show 2024 is promising to be a groundbreaking event that will set new standards in the luxury hospitality and hotel industry.

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